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General and Recruiting Information

How can I join Fourth Texas Company B Infantry?

The best way to join is to contact our commanding officer by sending an e-mail to We have enough loaner gear to equip new recruits who would like to try us out before joining. The use of the loaner gear is free but even new recruits will have to purchase liability and accident insurance from us for a $10.00 fee prior to attending their first event.

Who can be a member of the Fourth Texas, Company B Infantry?

Company B is a family organization. We have an active contingent of military and civilian reenactors, including wives and children. Military service is limited to men but women and children are appreciated and most welcome in camp. You must be at least 14 years of age to be a combatant (i.e. carry a rifle), and at least 13 years of age to be a functional musician, or serve in the signal corps. NO ONE under 13 years of age is allowed on the battlefield. You will be asked to show LEGAL PROOF OF AGE. Minors are welcome to join Co B, 4th Texas, on the condition that a parent or legal guardian joins as well, and accompanies the minor to all events. After 1 year, recruits may be considered for full member status if they have acquired the recommended basic kit, have a working knowledge of drill, are known to be safe in the ranks, and have proven themselves to be a positive, productive member of the unit. Because of the physical exertion, those persons with certain medical conditions or using medications will need to obtain permission before participating in military activities. Civilians are appreciated in camp and are responsible to keep the company street looking military.

How soon do I have to get my impression together? How much will it cost?

Reenacting isn’t cheap. At today's prices, the basic ``kit'' (i.e., uniform, brogans, shirt, hat, musket, leather accoutrements) can cost over $2000.  We understand that it may take the average recruit several seasons to complete his basic kit. PLEASE BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING, CHECK WITH ONE OF THE VETERAN MEMBERS OF THE UNIT. We will all be glad to help you get the right gear. Some sutlers (Civil War Merchants) can carry a lot of junk, so be careful. In the interim, loaner gear can be obtained either from veteran members or from the unit Quartermaster. 


Can you give me details about your impression? Does the 4th Texas ever portray Federal Troops?

We refer to our primary impression as a "Generic Mid-War Confederate Impression", which simply means that our basic "kit" represents what most Confederate troops in the Army of Northern Virginia would have had in 1863. While this "generic" impression is historically accurate for the 4th Texas, it also gives us the flexibility of portraying troops from other Confederate states during battle scenarios. There are a number of members of the 4th Texas who have elected to purchase a Federal "kit" patterned after the Co E, 3rd Vermont Infantry. This Federal Impression is a secondary impression for members who have already completed their Texas/Confederate kit. It is an OPTIONAL impression, but is nice to have for parades or for falling in with other units at Federal only events.


What type of camping does the Fourth Texas Company B do?

For most events, we establish a garrison camp consisting of one or two streets of A-frame and dog tents. This is the general camping style adopted by the First Battalion, ANV. However, there is a sizeable contingent within our ranks that prefers campaign-style camping (i.e., blanket, gum blanket, etc.), and our unit occasionally designates at least one event per year as a ``campaign-style'' event. 


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